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My name is Amie. I am The Sugar Suite founder, owner and operator. In the 15 years I have been an esthetician I have come to understand one simple concept. People want to feel good. So I looked a little deeper into what I could provide for clients and discovered, even if I was only shaping their brows, I could put a smile on someones face. A smile that came from the inside. So as I was cultivating what I wanted my business to be about and how it could reflect something I value I thought of where beauty starts.....from within. So it is my goal to provide services that help clients unleash their inner beauty. I took a lot of my inspiration from my yoga practice. As I delve a little deeper yoga is all about being kind to yourself, no matter what shape, size or color we are. It's about both self love and forgiveness. Its impossible to be perfect if at all ever. So if I can make someone feel comfortable, empowered, beautiful or laugh I know I am on the right track.


I wanted to take a moment and talk about my passion, Sugaring! The sugaring services I provide are very gentle for the skin. An ancient Egyptian form of hair removal, sugar is made up of only sugar, lemon juice and water. It is effective, gentle, thorough and fast. I received my sugaring training at Sugar Moon in Toronto in 2008. I've been practising this method of hair removal for the delicate areas ever since. For the face I will sometimes sugar but I will typically use hard wax as it is very gentle. For the body I use strip wax. I use the best products on the different body parts to maximize results. 


Before I became an esthetician I was a Professional Dancer on cruise ships. I travelled all over the world before I was 25. I have met so many different people on my travels and through serving people in esthetics. I might be doing your eyebrows but I may sing, dance or tell you a funny story. My mission is to make you smile and feel good. Welcome to The Sugar Suite!

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